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Mobile Professionals rely on their vehicle to be their office on wheels. Mobile technology such as laptop computers, netbooks, iPads, iPhone, Android smartphones, cellphones and a variety of specialized mobile technologies has made working from a vehicle commonplace. This poses a challenge for the mobile workforce in many ways, one of the largest being, how to turn your vehicle into a comfortable, ergonomically efficient workspace.

AutoExec desks are ideal mobile office products to bridge the gap between office efficiency and the uncomfortable realities of working within the interior of a vehicle.

Offering a no-drill installation, AutoExec provides a stable, gripped tabletop surface to work on. Put your laptop computer, cellphone, or smartphone on it, or use it as a writing surface, The AutoExec desktop work surface is your office desk inside your mobile office on wheels.


GripMaster Efficiency

iPad Desk

RoadMaster Car with
Laptop Holder

RoadMaster Car with Netbook Stand

RoadMaster Truck with
Laptop Holder

RoadMaster Truck with Netbook Stand


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