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Model AEGM-01

The AutoExec GripMaster is great for people who work in a car or truck and need file storage, an ergonomic writing solution and a non-slip work surface.

The GripMaster 01 has a pull out writing surface that is designed like a cupboard. A built in locking mechanism keeps the writing tray from moving around when the desk is not in use.

Working in a mobile environment like a car or truck, means staying productive and organized so you can focus on the open road and the next appointment. Wasting time fumbling for the documents on the front seat is not efficient and the moving objects can be an unsafe distraction.

Desks in a traditional office are a necessity, so why not in a vehicle? The work has not changed, but the work environment has. Working on the go is hard enough, so why not make it easier!

AutoExec, the Desk that works in the car.


  • A large non-skid surface grips the laptop and helps to keep it from sliding while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The various storage compartments manage file folders, books, pens and other mobile office essentials.
  • Choose from the AEGRIP-01 which features a slide-out work surface for writing or select the AEGRIP-02 if additional writing space isn't necessary.
  • Both are safely secured in the vehicle with a seatbelt.
  • The desks measure 25.5" L, 17" W (28" with pull out writing surface).
  • The 11" of height in the seat will be enough to clear the center console.
  • Wt. 13.8 lbs.

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Brent, Thanks for the great service.... I just received this item, love it so far! - Jeff P.

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