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RoadMaster Car

Model RoadCar-01

The RoadMaster Car Desk from AutoExec, is ideal for people working out of their vehicle that predominately use a laptop, netbook, tablet, or iPad. Large desktop surface allows the computer to be pushed out of the way to provide room for writing.

Built in area for organizing hanging files, open space under the desktop provides ample room for storage, plus handy stationary tray for keeping pens, pencils, paper clips, stapler, cell phone, smartphone, business cards, or whatever you need quick access to.

The AutoExec RoadMaster is truly a versatile car desk that is used by mobile professionals all over North America. This product will transform the way you work in your car, and will provide you with a tool that will last you for years to come.


  • The 21" wide top has an adjustable laptop plate so the laptop can be moved to a comfortable position for typing.
  • The laptop plate extends past the edge of the desk by another 3 inches of overall reach from the far edge of the desk.
  • 15.15”L x 21.25”W X 11”H
  • Hanging file storage
  • Stationary organizer area
  • Under desktop storage area
  • Secure the desk with the seatbelt in your vehicle.
  • An adjustable sliding plate secures the laptop to the desk with Velcro and a strap.
  • Fits most cars, smaller SUV's, and Mini-Vans.
  • Easily removed from front vehicle for safe keeping in trunk or indoors.
  • 14 lbs

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